About Us

The Junglii indoor petting zone is a platform where everyone can experience different kinds of exotic pets and learn new things about pets before they buy one for themselves. We facilitate experiences that include observation, touch, feel, and building, among other. Coexistence and responsible citizenship are what we seek. We want to be a bridge between humans and animals, connecting them together via safe, enjoyable interactions. Meet our pets from across the world up close and personal.
Surround yourself with about 50 incredible creatures (from over 30 different species), including cute furies, reptiles, birds, insects, amphibians, exotics, and more!! A digital detox, or just limiting screen time and moving outside, is critical for a generation on the verge of becoming obese. Stress, anxiety, despair, and other mental health issues, which are on the rise, have traumatized us. Animals may help us heal and have a tremendous therapeutic effect on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We work with our animals to help children confront and conquer their concerns, allowing them to reach their full potential as citizens, creators, and protectors.

Who We Are

We are animal enthusiasts with an Indoor petting zone concept along with exotic pets and consulting. we have been interested in and have handled exotic pets for over a decade. We regularly deal with exotic pets for sale in Chennai and transport them within India on demand.

We have personally volunteered with several animal welfare and project organizations in Chennai. In addition, we've worked as a consultant for notable teams in the private, non-profit, and Government sectors across India.

It’s always good to be different and innovative. And It’s a pleasure to do it for the voiceless.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about the significance of compassion for pets and other animals in everyday life. That is why, in addition to the pet store, we wanted to include an educational component so that children and families can not only pet our pets but also learn about the basics of pet/animal care before purchasing one for themselves.


While we understand the desire of children to meet animals, setting something up as a “petting zone” is not only for kids to enjoy the company of the animals and vice versa and also to emphasize teaching children about compassion toward animals.